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Businesses hire web developers to create websites for their organisations. They are now a critical component for any business to stay competitive. Take a look on how to create customized web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and get an essence of Front End Development

Veena Chaddha

7 minute read

In this part, you would learn some important html tags which serve as building blocks for the html document, hence giving a website its structure. As you go further in the series, you would get to know more about CSS for styling your web pages.

Face Recognition with Siamese Network

Deep Convolutional Neural Networks have transformed the field of Image Processing.Get familiar with one of the most used Neural Networks,and how it is applied in Face Detection applications we come across daily.

Sanchay Yadav

3 minute read

In our daily lives,we come across multiple situations where we use facial recognition such as unlocking your smartphone,bio-metric attendance etc.

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