Every Thing you need to know about Switch Cases | Python 3.10

PEP 634: Structural Pattern Matching Structural pattern matching has been added in the form of a match statement and case statements of patterns with associated actions. Patterns consist of sequences, mappings, primitive data types as well as class instances. Pattern matching enables programs to extract information from complex data types, branch on the structure of data, and apply specific […]

Welcoming Python 3.10 | What’s New in Python 3.10

Installation To Check the current version of python in Linux. Write I currently Have python 3.8.5, So lets upgrade it to python 3.10. Step 1 Download the Release from Python Official Website https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-3100a6/ During the time of writing article the latest release available is Python 3.10.0a6 Download the Tarball Gzipped Source Relase Step 2 Extract […]


Businesses hire web developers to create websites for their organisations. They are now a critical component for any business to stay competitive. Take a look on how to create customized web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and get an essence of Front End Development In this part, you would learn some important html tags […]

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